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the safe of japan's crippled nuclear plant. >> the white house warned u.s. citizens to clear the area 50 miles around the plant. japan is just advising a 20-mile evacuation. the state department is telling citizens to rely on the united states for updates. nbc's bay area is tracking the effort to stop a nuclear meltdown. >> reporter: we are monitoring all the information coming and it is hard to make sense of all this. what we do know is that right now in the last hour, the focus has shifted to a reactor at that daiichi nuclear plant. that's one thing we're watching. we're watching the advisory for american to get a little farther away from that plant than was originally recommended. now, the japanese government did double the number of workers they're sending in, trying to find out what's happening within the plant. they are working by flashlight. they are pumping sea water in to cool those fuel rods. from the outside, they will use water cannons instead of water dropping helicopters. they were grounded with radiation levels. unsafe level for the pilots. workers are working to hook up a
of the u.s. regulatory commission said its fuel rods were totally exposed. unit five and six were out of service and may have problem with their used fuel rods. unit three is especially dangerous because it has recycled fuel that contains plutonium and a greater health there. >> tracking the jet stream that some should carry this way. >> traci grant shows us from sfo with concern that it may be finding its way to the west coast. >> reporter: custom officials are tracking radiation the same way they always do. still, some passengers arriving here from japan have concerns. >> japanese people are worried about nuclear radiation. yes, of course. >> the daughter in the bay area could not have come at a better or worse time. nakamura feels lucky to have gotten away from tokyo and away from the damaged nuclear plants but feels bad leaving her struggling home country and its people. >> nearby fukushima, those people are so terrible. >> many of these passengers are coming off the same flight from tokyo and u.s. customs and border protection are making sure that they are not bringing radiation
organization impedes investigations into terrorism and protects radical terrorists here on u.s. soil. the woman says she fears the rhetoric used at the hearing seeking fuel peoplecc1: the political spotlight, especially with an election cycle drawing near. >> the when elected officials like peter king make it okay to have these conversations, conversations not based on any fact. as some colleagues challenged him, we see more and more hate crimes on the ground. >> now, several bay area lawmakers actually stood up in opposition at the hearings today. jackie spear was one of them. she said that it seemed unfair to target muslims when there are other groups right here in america that encourage terrorism. live in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. san francisco's public defender is calling for a prohibition on police officers using hotel master keys to enter tenants' rooms. the request follows a discovery of surveillance video showing police using master keys to, he says, unlawfully enter hotel rooms. he cites examples of officers bullying hotel owners into handing over ma
finally some positive news on the nuclear crisis. plus, what shoppers here in the u.s. will not be finding in grocery stores because of the situation in japan. >>> also, the u.s. suffers a setback in libya. when president obama expects to hand over control of the operation there. >>> and i'm kris sanchez, live in san jose, where it is not raining just yet, and that is very good news, right? well, it actually depends on who you ask. we'll talk about local business, coming up. >> thank you, kris. >>> also, you may not think about it much, but a lot of us in the bay area use small bridges every day. coming up, the report that's putting report that's puttinpressure g on congress. [ male announcer ] the network. a living, breathing intelligence that's helping business rethink how to do business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn... ♪ in here, machines have a voice... ♪ in here, medical history follows you... even when you're away from home. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the rethi
it happen here. there are 104 power plants in the u.s. including two on the west coast. the closest reactor to the bay area is the diablo canyon nuclear power plant located near san luis obispo. it's said it's unlikely what happened in japan would happen here. >> as you look at it from a risk perspective, it's very small, very, very low. each of those plants on the west coast has been designed to withstand earthquakes as well as tsunamis. >> he also added it's too early to know how much radiation was released as a result of the explosion in japan. officials in california are still assessing the damage caused by the tsunami that hit the coast yesterday morning. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency for santa cruz and san mateo counties, saying the ocean surf from the tsunami waves put infrastructure and public safety in extreme peril. kimberly tere is in santa cruz where the harbor remains closed tonight. kimberly? >> reporter: diane, you can see cleanup is slowly winding down for the day here. we are told that they are only going to work until it gets dark here, and it's gettin
area news." >> thank you. >>> they come to the u.s. to give their families a better life, but trying to send money back home to loved ones left behind may actually put their families in danger. execution, extortion at the hands of sophisticated gang overseas targeting victims all over the bay area, blackmailing them to pay a monthly fee to can keep their families alive. >> they come and tell me that i needed to pay $3,000 a month so that nothing happens to my children. you know give? okay, boom. >> nbc bay area teamed up with the broadcast partner telemundo to look at the el salvador scam. we're going to talk about how he uncovered problem. most of these people are in the shadows and don't want people to know who they are and they must be frad to talk to the law enforcement here in the u.s. >> that's exactly right. at first it was hearsay. i was having a conversation with a national who knew a lady being extorted. this lady cleans houses for a living, and apparently she was paying $50 a month, which by the way one time she missed a payment and she says that they killed her cousin. >>
. >> president obama addresses the nation on libya. tonight the u.s. prepares to hand over its leadership role after achieving many victories alongside an international coalition. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston joins us to talk about the speech. when the president speaks there are a number of audiences who were the audiences to night? >> first of all, talking to americans. criticize heed hadn't really brought americans up to speed quickly enough. talking to americans. the subset is congress. talking to libya, moammar gadhafi, saying look the time has come. thirdly talking to the rest of the world, particularly the arab world. our goals here are limited. not here to get involved. do what we can. trying to move things along. rest assured that's the way it is going to be. there were many audiences. >> was the goal of the speech the same for each of the audiences or does the president have sue try to achieve something different for each of the audiences. the libyans want to hear something. americans want to hear another thing. >> there are different goals. for americans heap is tryin
there have been no large-scale radiation releases. u.s. ships assisting in the area moved further out to sea to avoid potential danger. japan is now accepting help from american experts at general electric, the designer of this plant. ge, also a co-owner of us here at nbc. experts are now downplaying concerns that a radioactive cloud could cause serious health problems for us here in california. there is a strong wind that blows in this direction. with that said, we bring in our own jeff ranieri, tracking this jet stream. is there a connection here, jeff? >> certainly, when you look at the jet stream, it can carry weather systems thousands of miles away. in fact, it does very often. as we take a look at this jet stream out here in the pacific, it is this river of air that once again travels across the entire world, and these upper level winds are some 250 to 280 miles per hour on average. it's this west to east movement, that many of you may be concerned about, when you think about what's happening in japan. but right now, as we have heard from the experts, there is no radiation risk posed t
a no fly zone over libya. president obama isn't rushing to send u.s. jets but he didn't hesitate to warn the man keeping moammar gadhafi in power. the president remind libyan generals, they could be tried for war crimes if they continue following gadhafi's orders. >> i want to send a very clear message to those around colonel gadhafi. it is their choice to make how they operate moving forward and they will be held accountable. >> the president is faced with the question of whether to sell some of the nation's emergency oil reserve. analysts say that could happen when gas reaches $4 a gallon. >> we're not there yet but we could soon be. take a look. the average cost of a gallon of gas across the bay area pushing toward $4. all of the prices are up 50 cents in a month. higher gas prices means everything is getting more expensive. airline tickets now cost $60 to $100 more than they did last year. food prices up more than just 2% in just a month. cereal, meat, dairy prices, those are climbing the fastest. >> $4 a gallon is a setback to 2008. >> adding to the ms. rirk forbes magazine lists wh
and that could occur within a day. u.s. regulators say although reactors at unit one, two, and three have seen damage to their cores, their containment structures are holding. >>> now, the crisis in japan sparked debate around the world about the value of nuclear energy. is it worth the risk? today, some of the brightest minds in the bay area weighed in. we'll bring you their thoughts coming up in just a little white at 6:30. >>> still ahead at 6:00, his murder stole the front page of newspapers across the bay area. >> i'm jodi hernandez in oakland where two men charged with ia lfigolly totr l. finally go to trial. i'll have a live report, coming up. in >>> well, more than three years after a bay area journalist was shot and killed on the streets of oakland, two of the men charged with the crime are going to trial. >> let's bring in nbc bay area's jodi hernandez who was in the courtroom as the trial got underway. she joins us in oakland with the details. jodi, a lot of people paying close attention to this trial as it gets under way. what do you have? >> reporter: raj, the prosecutor wasted n
reporter scott budman is live to show how technology being used. >> reporter: this is a sensor, the u.s. geological society is plugging into the dirt along hillsides like this one. they're measuring along with computers the range saturation. it's cool technology aiming to keep you safe. when rain pounds the hillside, fear of landslides is paramount on the minds of nearby residents. also's also when the u.s. geological survey springs into action. >> this is all data that's streaming from sensors in the ground. >> reporter: they're better known for tracking earthquakes, but even if a meager budget of $10,000 a year, they're able to measure how dangerous rainfall can be. >> it will tell us when water begins to accumulate. >> reporter: the in-bround sensors accumulate by cell signal to usgs computers which show how saturated ground is. >> if enough water accumulates, you generate that, you generate a landslide. >> reporter: for now, it's xan peerment an experiment. if it work, you may get advanced notice before the hill starts to slide. >> we can have a much better chance of forecasting whe
... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. >>> well, u.s.-led air strikes continue for a fifth night against moammar gadhafi and forces loyal to him in libya. >> the air strikes and energized rebel movement are forcing gadhafi's tanks to roll back from two western cities. two key cities in western libya. in the east, libya's opposition is attempting to form its own government while the u.s. vows to relinquish its lead role by saturday. international allies are fighting over which nation will take up the new post. meanwhile, president obama is coming under fire from house speaker john boehner, who says the president ordered the military into combat without clearly describing the mission and the united states' role. at the same time, bay area senator barbara boxer is commending the president and the u.n.'s actions. >> and i believe the international community has an obligation to act in the face of that kind of situation. i believe the united nations' security council did the right thing in authorizing international action to prevent the slaughter of
, where it was homecoming for dozens of u.s. families who survived the tsunami in japan. their story coming up. >>> there's another problem at the fukushima nuclear reactor. >> experts say they believe one of the reactors has been breached. radiation levels in the water there spiked to 10,000 times the normal level. three workers had to be taken out of the plant after coming into contact with the water there. you see the workers here. >> they were working in the basement with contaminated water on the floor. two of them were transferred to hospital with severe contamination of their feet. >> the government is now trying to find where the breach happened. it's also advising people who have been sheltering in place 18 miles from the reactor that they might want to now consider evacuating. finally, the death toll from this tragedy has officially topped 10,000 people today, thousands of other people remain missing. >>> well, for the first time since that quake hit in japan, some local families are finally back on stable ground here, and, again, travis air force base is playing a role in
at the white house this morning, telling that american troops won't be used in action, but that the u.s. will join european and arab countries in enforcing a no-fly zone. gadhafi says there's now a cease fire in place. there are reports on the ground that his troops surrounded rebel forces in benghazi. >>> in the bay area, community leaders are rallying around a richmond pastor who was arrested while trying to save his church. they handcuffed and took the pastor and his wife and elderly mother to jail yesterday after the family refused to obey a court-ordered eviction notice. the bank foreclosured on the church after leader failed to keep up with payments. the pastor claimed the congregation members are a victim of a predatory loan. community leaders applauded the pastor's courage. >> i visited their programs. the mayor has been there. it's a positive addition to the community, a real strong asset. they have computer lab, a child care center. really a lot of good social programs that are now going to be gone and it's a huge loss. it was painful to see this happening. >> reporter: these
a petition to the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals, asking the court to allow gay marriage to resume while the court considers the constitutionality of the state's ban on same-sex unions. the court is still considering the prop 8 case after a trial judge struck down the ban last year. but the marriages are banned for the time being, because of a stay on that ruling. >>> all right. they were once the must-have dogs, but the bay area's love for these dogs seem to have gone cold. what happened to chihuahuas. >> ahead at 6:00, we'll tell you where some puppies are headed in search of a new home. only nbc bay area takes you on the plane with these pooches. >>> and we had a packed house for the opening night of the cinequest film festival. we're telling you what's hot this year, coming up. >>> a nice forecast there, good to be inside, as this storm gets closer, mother nature will be producing her own movie as we head through the next couple hours. after some sun and comfortable temperatures today, we've got rain and also wind coming our way. i'm tracking the storm and i ve 'lha have full details
. >> an estimated one in eight babies in the u.s. is born premature, a rate higher than any other industrialized nation. >>> well, mountain view-based google has its sites setrainbowe kansas. google announcing that it will build its first ultrahigh speed internet network in kansas city, kansas. the internet will be 100 faster than most cities in the country. google leaders said they were looking for a place where they could build efficiently, make an impact on the community, and build relationships with that community and its organations. more than 1,100 cities applied, but it's kansas city, kansas, that wince out. >>> still ahead at 6:00, sliding back home. this is big news. the new hope for cal baseball after some big money donations. >>> i'm damian trujillo live in mountain view. and look at what the storms did. sudden waterfront property. we'll have that next. >>> plus, an inside look at one of california's major power planr his chionrceir ornve his concesrn of a plant that's still working here. ast cancer. i had no choice. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something
. >> stanford university and roach pharmaceutical facing off before the u.s. supreme court. the issue between the two is which organization gets the rights to patents developed at universities as a result of federal funding. stanford says it deserves the rights to an aids test developed by one of its researchers. the researcher also signed a deal with roache. stanford said the financial gains from the patents in this case is considerable but the university says it's the principal of the matter that's important. the government and researchers are going forward. go ahead. >> parents, listen up. you have until tomorrow to sipe up for affordable health care coverage for your kids with pre-existing conditions. a new federal provision prevents insurers from denying coverage to children with these medical conditions. >> the deadline applies to individual policies. our nbc's jodi hernandez has more. >> reporter: he loved life and he never cried. >> little nico elmore's mother will forever be inspired by her son's battle to beat a rare genetic disorder called pompeii's disease. >> his strength was so
year. the city by the bay made the top ten most congested cities in the u.s. in 2010. according to the national traffic survey. the huge increase is linked to a rebound in the technology sector, more employment, obviously means more cars on the road. no surprise here, l.a. still in the top spot. new york, came in second. windy city, third. san francisco, six. >> much needed boost at richmond high school today. they unveiled a new 60,000 dollar computer lab. lot of smiles and scissors. the mayor was on hand. a ribbon cutting ceremony for the lab. take a look. 35 computers used by 60 engineering students. enrolled in a math and science program. called project lead the way. the program helps prep students. pursue high paying careers in engineering. >> wait, maybe come back when i graduate. if they still have the -- you know, working and stuff, and go to a four year college for engineering. and just, my way have my own business. >> good game plan. working for him some day perhaps. computer lab fded in part by chevron which operates the refinery in richmond. >> coming up, inside the
to come back to the u.s. he's also commanding all 22 cal state students to stop sending students to japan. official at san jose state tell us they're also concerned about a potential problem for students there. >> not only are we worried about the nuclear power plants but also any other similar situations that may arise. fuel shortages. food shortages. et cetera. just to be on the super safe side, since safety always comes first, we would like to bring students back. >> the school says they will assist in bringing students home and at the same time they will help japanese international students to get back to their homeland as well. >> the nuclear threat over there has bay area emergency responders here on alert. >> want to show you some of the dramatic images at the centers of japan where people who may have been exposed to radiation are being screened. back at home, bay area leaders were informed this morning that the state public health department has activated its joint emergency operations center. that means a step above normal operations. >> nbc bay area's chris sanchez join us from
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